Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finally Final

I finally finalized (is it legal to precede finalized with finally? haha) my summer schedule and I'll be starting with this schedule tomorrow. After making summer schedules for years, I think this year's the most eventful of them all. (Or maybe not, since violin practice appears 3 times :P)

time activity
9– 915am wake up
915-930am breakfast
930 – 10am violin bow
10-11am violin
11-12nn bike
12-1230pm lunch
1230-115pm bath
115-230pm japanese
230-330pm violin
330-530pm internet
530-630pm violin
630-700pm dinner
7pm+ any
12 AM sleep

Hope I can wake up at exactly 9AM! Haha.


  1. haha good job li'l sis! good luck with your summer routine ;)

  2. the hardest part of the schedule is at 9-915 and 12PM :)) Tried scheduling before but didn't work quite well :) - Alloy