Monday, December 17, 2012

The Golden Ass

Whenever I read information on the Internet, it's really no surprise when I start reading about anime and then star systems the next. For some reason, I found myself reading about greek and roman mythology -- again. I stumbled upon a link to this book called The Golden Ass. I thought it was funny so I clicked on it.

On the page, it said that the main protagonist turned himself into an ass.

An ass.

HAHA. Funniest information ever. I immediately thought of those butts in Cow and Chicken. When I hovered over the word 'ass', it pointed to a page about donkeys.

I didn't know donkeys were also called ass. What?!

It would be wildly inappropriate if Donkey was named Ass. :))

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holiday "Cherries"

Mistletoe turned Cherry. I need a striper.

HP Mania

I'm slowly getting back into my old Harry Potter obsession because of this advent calendar that I'm doing. Not only am I rereading the books, I'm also listening to chapter-by-chapter podcasts, re-reading Pottermore content and actually playing Pottermore again.

I had to dig out my old Harry Potter books and I am so happy to see them complete and together at last! I got Book 2 around a year before the first movie came out.

So far, these are all the Harry Potter books I have. I'm missing my copy of the 'Quidditch Through the Ages'. I'll go find it soon. The book I do not have is 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' so I hope to get that for Christmas.


I recently saw this in the bookstore and I went crazy. It has actual props!!! I think I might really go buy this with 'Fantastic Beasts' and this other book:

Talk about crazy merch hoarding.

I've only had one Harry Potter shirt with a Quidditch logo on the front. I've had costumes made of course but I can't wear those out, obviously. Anyway, I've been looking around local shops that might have this but so far, no luck.

Thanks to Christmas traditions and advent calendars for you have revived my love for all things Harry Potter!