Friday, May 27, 2011

May 28 2011 Dream

I was at my house and my mom and history teacher were there (lol, probably because I saw him at Shangri-la yesterday). Anyway, I was doing something when I said that...

"I should have studied journalism so that I can make reviews for Korean dramas, since that's the only thing I like to do (watching korean dramas)."

If I had this dream before going to college, I might consider. :P

PS. It's true what Karl Lagerfeld said about dreaming of clothes. I mean, he dreamt of an entire collection. (Whoa.) Anyway, I'll try to draw the one I dreamed of. Wheee!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wavy Waves

Screw my old post about liking the fringed, super straight long hair because I am totally in love (again!) with this hairstyle. I swear I'm going to try it out once my hair is long enough for anything.

The hairstyle on the beautiful Melissa George
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Saw this again while watching Alias (for the nth time!) and it really never gets old. Coincidentally, I found a similar style on net-a-porter's new magazine today. Coincidence? Is it the trend? I'm not sure.

Although this one has a lot more waves and big curls than I would like.

Anyway, I love it! 


Can't believe this place is right where I take my violin lessons. Kaya pala they always clean the street when I get there.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Let them eat cake!

I broke my record of not eating any cake (months and months, I think) today when my Mom offered what she called ensaymada (which was actually more cake-like and tasted like one too) with cheese. I didn't particularly enjoy the taste, it was just okay, so it was kind of a waste. 

Anyway, all to make her happy, right? Happy Mother's Day!

Google Photo

PS. The new Google makes me so sleepy. Everything's so light-colored. Urgh. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bum + Bond

Bum + Bond is the recipe of the week as I'm just so lazy these days: Heat = Lazy = No Energy. Boo.

Just now, I rewatched Casino Royale and I just can't help not searching for that place where Bond gets hospitalized. It's really so beautiful. It's actually a villa called Villa del Balbianello in the beautiful Lake Como located in Italy.

What's interesting is that I found it through a website called James Bond Lifestyle. It lists everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING (Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating) that you can get your hands on from the Bond movies.

I got in on the hype of James Bond and so of course, I got pretty excited. Sometimes I just wish I lived in Bond's world. It'd be cool then, to see him drive off in a shiny Aston Martin. Haha!

If you love James Bond and have some time on your hands, go check it out. :)