Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Macaroni & Cheese

For lack of interesting things to eat from the fridge, I decided to finally cook this boxed Macaroni & Cheese I had. 
It's an easy 3-step process: Boil, Drain and Mix (cheese powder + milk + butter).

And this is how it looks like!

I got the spirals one so maybe that's why it kind of looks like sticky Java rice. First impression was it tasted really cheesy. Then about halfway through I felt I couldn't finish it. Nakakaumay. Especially now that it has gone cold and the gooey stuff made them stick together in blobs. Blegh. I'm seriously just pushing myself to eat it right now. I've been downing lots of apple juice in between to try and make it a little bit better but I think I'll just have to keep the rest for later.

2/5 stars

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