Monday, November 7, 2011

Pianists and typing

I've always wondered if pianists were better typers than those like me who work with computers all the time. I mean, they memorize long pieces and play it without flaw. Can they translate that for, let's say, typing a paragraph?

I guess some stuff to point out are:
1. Both hands work fast
(and even faster for pianists playing 16th notes, I guess)
2. Both press in more than one level 
(I mean, black keys are placed higher than white and letters on a keyboard are separated into three levels)
3. Pianists go a long way left and right while typers just... stay put
3. Both press memorized (?) pieces
(and that's a question mark because I dunno if typing what I want to say is the same as typing what was memorized)

Ooookay. I should go back to work now. Haha.

P.s. Is a wallet called a wallet because it's like creating a 'wall' around your money? j/k

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