Friday, May 6, 2011

Bum + Bond

Bum + Bond is the recipe of the week as I'm just so lazy these days: Heat = Lazy = No Energy. Boo.

Just now, I rewatched Casino Royale and I just can't help not searching for that place where Bond gets hospitalized. It's really so beautiful. It's actually a villa called Villa del Balbianello in the beautiful Lake Como located in Italy.

What's interesting is that I found it through a website called James Bond Lifestyle. It lists everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING (Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating) that you can get your hands on from the Bond movies.

I got in on the hype of James Bond and so of course, I got pretty excited. Sometimes I just wish I lived in Bond's world. It'd be cool then, to see him drive off in a shiny Aston Martin. Haha!

If you love James Bond and have some time on your hands, go check it out. :)

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