Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter 7

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

I think the opening sequence was great. It differs from the previous films where they already show the title. This time though, they showed a little pre-sequence for the events ahead. 

There's also a first look to the Malfoy Manor which didn't live up to what I expected it to look like. (What I liked though was a good close up of Snap, hahaha) I guess that's what anyone can expect a house is from a really wizarding family.

File:DH trailer2 Malfoy Manor.jpg    File:Death eaters.jpg

Anyway, so the 7 Potters scene. They really put in a lot of comedy lines here and there in this film. I found myself laughing just for the random comedic things they present. The film is not so dark anyway but I guess they're trying to stay away from it being too serious? (But it's supposed to be hella serious.) 

Skip. Skip. Skipped some parts.

The trio silently enters the Ministry of Magic (not as themselves but with the use of the Polyjuice Potion) and successfully grab the horcrux from Dolores' neck. Here comes in the romance issues and Ron's anger.

Ouch, Ron. Anyway, they go their separate ways while Hermione goes to search her books and puts two and two together. Ron comes back after saving almost naked Harry and destroys the horcrux. Yay! 5 more to destroy! (and there's around 2 1/2 hours left to show how, lol)

And WTF for that horcrux-thing coming out for Ron. Harry and Hermione? Did they actually shoot that scene? Just go and watch to find out what I'm talking about because that's seriously mind fuck. 

They go to places to learn more about this symbol:
Elder wand, stone and Invisibility Cloak.

It's really nice, how they told the story of Beetle the Bard. Something out of the ordinary for the Harry Potter films. (If they didn't pull back out of making it 3D, I'm not sure how this part would look like).

Of course along the way, they meet with the death eaters and one time, with Nagini. 

From Xenophilius' house (where they heard the story), they get caught by fugly death eaters who bring them to Malfoy Manor (aka the headquarters). There, they meet Bellatrix, Lucius with his funny hair, Draco and some others. Bellatrix, as per usual, goes into crazy mode and starts scaring Draco into checking whether it was Harry or not (Hermione had spelled his face into an unrecognizable face). She brings Harry and Ron in the basement cellar where they meet Luna, his father and what I think was Griphook. Above, she tortures Hermione. (Oh, I can't bloody wait for her to get axed from the living world. Grr) 

Anyway, the incredibly amazing, always there 'to save Harry Potter' Dobby, arrives. He saves them all but just when the apparition fog-thing ends, Bellatrix's knife (which she threw) went through it. We see next that Dobby was stabbed. It was great, I did cry. He said that it was a great way to die, being surrounded by friends. omgseriouslyiloveyoudobby. 


Voldemort goes brokeback with Dumbledore in his coffin and steals the Elder wand. I knew it would end here, it had that finale feel. I read somewhere that it would end at Chapter 24 of the book but I'm not sure since I forgot what was written there. Gonna go check it out when I have the time. 

1. Quite a few comedic lines here and there (and some inappropriate places)
2. More romance for Ron and Hermione (and some Harry/Hermione too)
3. Everyone's hair is messed up
4. Some person who gets transported through Portkey always, always gets injured
5. Let's cover our eyes: Harry Potter's naked body will be seen twice in the film

Someone please tell me if there's a place selling Hermione's bag. I am definitely going to make a beaded bag if there's no one selling it. Love it, FTW!

Bonus: HP cast trying to speak in American accent haha

(photo credits from Google and Wiki)

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