Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sugar!

As the title says, I'd like to greet my dog in heaven, Sugar. As usual, have a good heavenly cookie dessert for yo birthday!

Anyway, today was jam packed with activities. I first went to the National Museum. I had to walk from the LRT station to there since I thought it would take only 5 minutes (that guard at Wendy's totally fooled me). After so much sweat, tired feet, crossing the street where big container trucks pass and a few meters walked, I finally arrived at the Art Gallery where we would go see Juan Luna's Spolarium.

(photo from wiki)

Yep, there it is. Our teacher had a surprise for us, free ice cream hahaha. She's so cute.

Anyway, went to school to pass some docus then off to Greenbelt! 

Harry Potter 7 was WOW. (I'll do another post just for this) Really on a Harry Potter high right now. jhusdgfklagdflvgdsiisduflusdgfgsdf

Ta ta! 

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