Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Every time there is a major event in my life, it doesn't go as peacefully as I would have liked. During the first day in college, I missed my first subject because I had to have my ID picture taken again. Apparently, some guy's photo appeared on my electronic ID. Crazy.

Today, I went to work for 30 minutes. Or less. I dunno...there was only an orientation. The guys I would be working with, all of them, weren't at the office. They told me to come work tomorrow, an hour later than I'm supposed to come in, to make sure that there's someone on my team who would be there.

Hahaha LOL.


  1. woah musta? saan ka na nagwwork?haha gogo!!!

  2. haha sa wideout. woohoo thanks!

  3. Omgosh! Haha baka may initiation pag dating sayo :)) at least may mga kakaibang nangyayari sayo :p

    1. haha shucks initiation moment :))