Friday, December 23, 2011

The Hunger Games

Ever since Harry Potter, I've never been so obsessed about a book series... until now!

I wasn't there before the hype of the movie, so I just casually let it pass until a friend gave me the book series. I put off reading it because of hectic school work. And oh boy, I'm glad to have read it now.

Welcome to the Hunger Games!

Obsession over this is really beyond the limit now. I registered myself in the official Hunger Games website, gotten an ID card (with a ridiculous picture, I might add), followed them on twitter, surfed through the actors' websites, searched for peoples' costume interpretations and just generally been going crazy (stalker mode, haha!) over anything Hunger Games.

Anyway, it's about a 16-year old girl who comes to fight in what they call the Hunger Games in the North America area (which they call Panem). Actually, the Hunger Games is where all the 12 districts (which are like the states) have two representatives each and they kill off each other for the entertainment of anyone who's entertained of such things (which is really just one district-ish place called the Capitol, where the heads of the country and most affluent families are in) until there's one left.

Well, I think it's interesting and I also feel that this book series is easier to read. Maybe because it's American and I know the American-style English more than the British? Maybe because I was young when I read the Harry Potter series that the words were still difficult for me? Anyway, I found this easier to read.

And fast! I spent only a day per book. I had to force myself to stop when I needed to go for a bathroom break or eat because I really like the story and it was intense especially when it gets to the latter part.

Just now I found out that they're selling Mockingjay pins like the ones in the book (and earrings!) and I can't stop trying to look for it over the Internet and checking if it's available near me. I only ever did this with Harry Potter merchandise so Wooh! It feels nice to be in geek mode again. Haha!

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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  1. ahha diba diba nakakaadik gandaa talagaaa! taraaa na ah nood tayo ng movie haha kapag showing na