Saturday, October 1, 2011

Haggard Commute

Too many crazy things happened on my way to school, (that place where we meet before going to the party place):

1. MRT = No electricity

I don't know why the electricity in the MRT was out when the surrounding area had it. No choice but to ride the bus.

2. Broken shoes

My shoes broke (AGAIN. I think it likes to break itself on special occassions.) while I was riding a bus to the LRT. The bus didn't even give a warning that it went past the station so I had to walk back. On that walk I lost the underside of my left shoe. Just brilliant. So I asked those in the LRT station if I could borrow someone's slipper (Pakapalan na talaga ng muhka). There was just one guard who had slippers and thank goodness for that, or else I wouldn't be able to cross the road and buy shoes.

New shoes on my feet and off I go to Gox. I rode a pedicab because my shoes were wet enough as it is. Too bad because...

3. ID falling of Pedicab in the middle of the road

Yeah. And it was almost run over by a bus. Good thing that was the only thing that fell when my bag tumbled over in the Pedicab.

Thankfully it's nothing serious and I got to school safe (albeit wet haha). I really enjoyed the children's party today (especially the CAKE!). Woohoo! Happy Birthday Obra!

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