Saturday, October 23, 2010


I've been having a lot of firsts lately. One of them is this:

First time to make breakfast where I cook something for myself. The corned beef didn't have anything except for garlic, haha. The bread was delicious, the right type of bread I like. It's called Allisons Breads and I recommend it! Haha.

Had a video shoot with my literature class groupmates (whom I've just met a few days ago) on the fly. Well maybe not so because we did plan out where we will meet and things like that. Haha.

The rain poured hard in the afternoon. There was a temporary blackout in the MRT train and people screamed, "Ohh". Weird to say, but it really sounded great. Its like the tone of their voices were just a single note, nobody was out of tune. Weird but great.


  1. coool hahaha gusto ko rin mag luto ng bfast :))

  2. haha kahit canned lang yan ginawa ko ang saya parin